Map Design & Custom Graphics

View a PDF of our Map Design and Custom Graphics. Our work on these featured projects generally includes project consultation, concept development, map artwork and associated graphics, and vendor liaison.

More projects than you might think require maps, associated graphics, and custom typography. Toelke Associates creates maps for books and publications that we produce as an integral part of the process, as well as maps for books published by others. We have adapted materials provided by cartographers and geologists, and are comfortable accessing content from a variety of sources to create custom maps. We have also created display materials and signage for our clients.

When working with graphic design professionals it is more important than ever to get the highest level of capability and experience at the best possible cost. Since 1982, our Hudson Valley studio has offered our clients low operating overhead, proximity to New England and New York City, ready access to support services and, of course, excellent pricing. Creative… Experienced… Practical.


Magazine Design